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Our small pantry comprises a water dispenser free for everyone to use. In addition we have a fridge, microwave, water heater and coffee machine. Everyone is welcome to use these freely in order to heat up your little ones lunch (kids just get hungry - we know how it is). 

We have a small selection of (healthier) drinks and snacks, and can order in some food from the neighbouring cafe. 


Nursing & Diapers

Our space is open for mums to comfortably nurse on the public sofas, but if more privacy is required, we do offer a separate room to have a quieter environment with your little one. 

A nappy change might be unavoidable, so we hope to at least provide you the space you might need. 



Baby section

A safe space for babies to crawl and explore toys. Please take note that toys might be shared between babies during one session, but will be sanitized after each session.


Feel free to bring your newborn and relax at our beanbag sofas for a time out. Breastfeeding is allowed (we have a separate room as well if needed).  


Open playspace

Kids get to play with high quality toys, nurturing pretend play as well as creative play to bond with their parents or other children. 

Our toys are carefully selected by our team and will be rotating on a regular basis in order to offer something new to explore on a regular basis. 

Children will share the same toys and we encourage to do so also build their social skills!

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